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Greetings and Salutations

Greetings and Salutations

Greetings electronic people. My name is Nicholas, and I am The Notebook GM. Some of you might already know me from my work on Nat One Productions (both as a player and GM), as @NatOneNicholas on twitter, or because we’re friends in real life and I’ve hectored you enough that here you are. No matter your provenance, I welcome you.

The Notebook GM title stems from my obsession with notebooks and my complete ineptitude with technology. I’ve always preferred to hand-prep for games, usually even filling out character sheets by hand (except for 4e because… 4e). Much to The Iva’s chagrin I have dozens of notebooks languishing about our apartment filled with crazy ideas, schemes, projects that never happened, podcasts never recorded, theories I never got to test or refine.

I’m going to be honest here, it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to commit to doing this site. Between puppy, Nat One, a girlfriend, a full-time job, and a 5e campaign I wasn’t sure that I wanted to put myself out there in this way. Recent events, however, have convinced me that we all need a little more magic and adventure these days and so I’ve decided to take the plunge and move The Notebook GM from being only a twitter persona and into a full internet presence. Luckily for me, it is relatively easy to run a website from a cell phone once one of your old high school friends swoops in and does all of the hard work.

So here’s the plan:

~I have already begun work on a full fantasy world but I’ve decided it will be more fun if we do it together. So- every week I am going to bring you a little slice of that place, The World of Murrad.

Murrad as depicted by Alfonsi Pirranni, Orcan cartographer.
Murrad as depicted by Alfonsi Pirranni, Orcan cartographer.

Every Monday I will post A Slice of Murrad; these posts will be vignettes from the world, excepts from in-world texts, descriptions of characters and places, legends, information about monsters, and various other little pieces meant to help the reader get a glimpse into my creative process and hopefully to spark some of your own ideas.

~I’m also working on my own RPG system, an (hopefully) extremely easy d12 system meant to focus on character development and story over raw mechanics (yes, another one); the starter rules to which I will be posting as soon as I write them in terms someone that doesn’t live in the churning cauldron of confusion and inebriants that is my mind might be able to decipher. If anyone cares to playtest it and write me about the experience I’d be happy to post the letters and any response I might have.

~If you’ve been following @TheNotebookGM you may have seen references to Duardh and Xirr. My intention is to have a scene or two of their adventure be released every two weeks, but that may depend entirely on my ability to write interesting prose over a long period of time.

~I will also be contributing my own proverbial two cents to the vast repository of articles floating around about GMing, game prep, worldbuilding, game design, pacing, story structure, and all of the other dead horses prancing around the nerd wide web.

~In keeping with my oeuvre I will be doing a series titled “Notebook Porn” which will feature my incomprehensible handwriting shot provocatively on a cell-phone camera.

Stocking a dungeon with carrots and sticks. #NotebookPorn #DicePorn
Stocking a dungeon with carrots and sticks. #NotebookPorn #DicePorn

~Occasional Periscope broadcasts updating viewers about what I’m working on, how cute my dog is, how maps are coming, and what is going on with my 5e group.
Thanks again for stopping by, I’m all out of spaghetti for this post, but I hope you decide to come through again and see what is coming out of the Notebooks.